Tuesday, April 23, 2013


Two-in-One Facial Recognition Toy
I designed this toy to help autistic children recognize emotions.  But it’s fun for all kids.
It is a reversible, flip flop, inside-out, Face. 
Autism is a developmental disorder that affects physical, social and language skills.
It usually appears before the age of 3, and each child's case is different.
Many children with autism have a difficult time distinguishing different facial expressions.
So this is a great way to help them recognize emotions.  
The toy has a clear visual message:
Happy, Sad, Angry, Worried, Scared, Surprised…….
A slight angle of the eyebrows and the mouth can portray many different expressions.
The toy is easy for children to turn inside out and soft to hold. 
Our greatest national resource is the minds of our children.   -Walt Disney
Possible Games to Play:
·         Recognize the expression
·         Try to imitate the expression
·         Watch how someone else imitates
·         How would you feel, if you looked like that?
·         How would others feel, if they looked like that?
·         Try to change the expression to the opposite
·         Name the feelings: Mr. Happy, Miss Angry, Mr. Worried…. 
Caron Simply Soft (WW Med yarn):
Skin / Hat / Hair-Eyebrow / Eyes and Mouth Colors
5mm / H hook 
Yarn needle
Note: Adjust the hook size, if you want a larger or smaller one.
US Terminology
Gauge:  4 sc and 4 Rnds = ~ 1”  Not crucial.
SIZE:  ~ 4 " tall 
~ = Approximately
Beg = Beginning
Ch = Chain
Dc = Double Crochet
Dec = Decrease by crocheting 2 single crochets as one
FO = Fasten Off
FLO = Front Loop Only  
Hdc = Half Double Crochet
Hdc-Inc = 2 Hdcs in same loop
Inc = 2 Single Crochets in same stitch
Lp(s) = Loop(s)
MR = Magic Ring
Rnd(s) = Round(s)

3-Hdc-Popcorn St:
·          Work 5 Hdc sts in the same stitch.
·          Drop the loop from your hook.
·          Insert your hook from front to back under the top 2 loops of the first Hdc of the group.
·          Grab the dropped loop with your hook and pull it through the stitch.

Hat:  Do not join rounds.  Work in a spiral.
Rnd 1:  MR, Ch 1, 6 Sc in the ring.  (6)
Rnd 2:  Inc around.  (12)
Rnd 3:  (Sc, Inc) around.  (18)
Rnd 4:  (Sc, Inc) around.  (27)
Rnd 5:  (Sc in 3, Inc) 6xs. Sc in last 3.  (33)
Rnds 6 – 7:  Sc around.  (33)  

Continue to either Girl’s or Boy’s Brim. 

**Girl’s Brim 
Rnd 8:  This Rnd in FLO.  Ss in first loop, (Ch 4, Ss in next loop) around.
Join, FO and weave in.
(There will be 33 free loops under the brim) 
Mark the first free loop under the joined st. 

**Boy’s Brim 

Rnd 8: This Rnd in FLO.  Ss in first loop, Sc in next, Hdc in next, Hdc-Inc in each of next 2, Hdc in next 2,
Hdc-Inc in next, Hdc in next 2, Hdc-Inc in next 2, Hdc in next, Sc in next, Ss in next.
Skip the next 10 sts and Mark the 11th st with a safety-pin.
FO and weave in. (There will be 13 free loop under the brim and 20 unstitched sc’s in the back)   

Face:  Do not join rounds.  Work in a spiral.

Rnd 1:  (Using Girl’s Brim) Join with a Sc in the first free loop of Rnd 7 (Marked st) and each free loop around.  (33) 

Rnd 1: (Using Boy’s Brim) Join with a Sc through both loops of the Marked st. 
Sc through both loops of the next 9 sts, through the free loops of next 13, and through the last 10. (33)           

Rnds 2 - 5:  Sc around.  (33)

Rnd 6:  (Nose) Sc in 16, 3-Hdc-Popcorn St
(See instructions above), Sc in last 16.  (16 + 1 popcorn + 16 = 33)

Rnds 7 - 13: Sc around.  (33)  At the end of the last round, Ss in next st and FO.

MR, Ch 1, 6 Sc in the ring.  Join and FO with ~8” to sew. 
Pull the beg yarn end tight to close the hole and weave it in to secure.
Position on Face about 1 stitch away from nose on each side and sew on over Rnds 4, 5 and 6.
Eyebrows and Mouth:
I surface slip-stitched 4 or 5 sts for an eyebrow and 5 or 6 sts for a mouth.
A slight angle of the eyebrows and the mouth can portray
Happy, Sad, Angry, Worried, Scared, Tired, Sleepy, Surprised or ….. 

Note: You could embroider or sew on crocheted or felt pieces.

Possible Crocheted Eyebrows or Mouths to sew on:

Straight:  Ch 8, Sc in 2nd ch and across.  FO with ~8” to sew.  (7)

Curved:  Ch 8, Sc in 2nd ch, 2 sc in next, Sc in next 3, 2 Sc in next, Ss in last. 
FO with ~8” to sew. (9)

Ears: (same on both sides)
Lay head flat, with nose centered.
Turn sideways and join yarn with a Sc between Rnds 5 and 6 of Face.
(Hdc, Dc, Hdc, Sc) all in the same st as the sc.  FO and weave in. 

Cut 12 strands of yarn (hair-color) about 11” each.

To knot and secure the strands:
Hold 2 strands tog, fold in half. 
Insert hook in a sc on the side of the head over Rnd 1 of Face. 
Pull up a loop from the center of the 2 strands through the st.
Then pull the ends of the strands through the loop and pull taut.
Do this over the next 2 sts and repeat on the other side of the head.
Braid the 3 sections on each side.  Tie with same color yarn and trim.

Straight Hair:
Cut 40 strands of yarn about 9” each.
Attach to Rnd 1 of Face in the same manner as the braids and continue around all back stitches, then trim.

Finishing:   Turn one of two faces inside out and place inside the other. (wrong sides will be tog)

Feel to make sure the eyes on both faces are aligned.  Join yarn in back with a Sc through both loops of each face on Rnd 13. 
Sc around with 2 decreases on each side of face.  Join to the first sc.  FO and weave in.  (29)

Or you can just sew the two pieces together.   

Experiment with
different expressions
and have fun.  

P Perkins 2010